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Tension springs

Tension springs are cold-made, preferably preloaded – with functioning coils that are abut. The preload is created in the coils during its wounding in the manufacturing process and its importance is unquestioned, as it is the preload that determines the endurance of a spring.

TVAR-EX produces springs from the wire EN10270-1 and EN10270-2, stainless steel wire EN10270-3, or other types of materials depending on the requirements of the client, and technical drawings.

Tension springs from TVAR-EX are mostly with 0.4 – 8.0 mm in diameter, ended in loops of arbitrary shapes, or classic hooks. If the blueprints and construction solution requires a spring with a different type of ending, you can choose from our selection of tension springs shapes:

  • different types and shapes of loops (English, German…)
  • classical or extended loops
  • different, nonstandard shaped endings of extended ends
  • initial preload or more relaxed coils
  • variety of surface treatments
  • packaging depending on your requirements

We have individual approach to our customers, therefore we can provide tension springs in accordance to your blueprints, to meet the shape and characteristic requirements.