The priority is the production of springs and fittings of lower and medium series.

quality springs and fittings

TVAR-EX, Est. 2003

The main task of the TVAR-EX company is to bring our customers quality springs and fittings made of durable and standard materials. The company TVAR-EX has a long-term and capable background, with dozens of satisfied customers. TVAR-EX has been on the market since 2003 and has built a good reputation and many satisfied customers.

High-quality materials

Springs and fittings are made either of steel strips or of wire, ribbon or rod material. These materials are among the most suitable choices and are also used by world-renowned factories. At the same time, we can provide professional advice to customers on the development of new projects as regards the use of materials. For product quality, the company is certified ISO 9001, which is a prerequisite for the high quality of the products delivered.


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